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Support System, We All Need One

Viva La Lesbiana

One of the most important factors of acceptance is a strong and reliable support system. I know I would have never gotten where I am, much less through high school, if I didn’t have such an amazing support system of family and friends to stand by my side, along the way. Even further than family and friends, many organizations, one in particular, contributed to my support system. Today I’m going to talk about and thank an organization that helped me confide in other lgbtq classmates and young people my age who understood exactly what I was going through.

As you probably know, high school can be hell for a lot of people, especially queer people. Over the years, students have become a lot more accepting of queer students. I honestly don’t remember a time where I was bullied or mistreated by anyone because of my sexuality. Then again, mostly only…

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